Your business ventures and structures have grown over the years and you require an accountant that can not only give advice on one entity, but many.  Your accountant needs to know how your business structure(s) works and if they can be optimised  across all your business investments and operations.

You want regular reviews and consultations and someone who can work with your internal staff to bring about the best decisions for your personal and business’ future.

We offer a variety of accounting solutions that can be tailored to your specific requirements.  Examples are:


We can also offer you a virtual CFO option if your business is not at the stage where it can support a full or part-time CFO.  If you’re asking yourself the following questions, ask us how we can help.

  • My business is growing and I cannot understand the numbers.
  • We are not making enough profit and I cannot understand why.
  • We are generating profits, but never seem to have any cash.
  • I spend my time pushing paper, when I should be selling to customers.
  • I need to develop and grow my business.
  • I need guidance on a regular basis but can’t afford to employ a part-time CFO to help.


What you do for yourself

  • Maintain integrity of financial data, reconciliations and computerised software.
  • Prepare, lodge and maintain payroll and employer obligations.
  • Periodic data entry into computerised software.

*Note: The Bookkeeping Edge can offer a solution in regards to the above.

Factors affecting quote for services

  • Number of entities and complexity of structure
  • Number of bank accounts / credit cards / loans / HPs
  • Volume of transactions
  • Quality of records you keep


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